The Fluids Engineering Laboratory (LEF) at the Mechanical Engineering Department of PUC-Rio conducts both fundamental and applied studies in the fields of fluid mechanics and heat and mass transfer.

The main research topics are directed towards experimental studies of two-phase flows, turbulent wall flows, drag reduction, cardiovascular flows, wax deposition in oil transport lines, among others.

To support these studies, the laboratory develops and applies optical techniques for visualization and measurement of flow dynamics, such as Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) in its standard, stereoscopic, high-frequency, tomographic, and holographic versions. Laser-induced fluorescence, laser Doppler velocimetry and hot wire anemometry are employed as well. Additionally, the laboratory is equipped to perform measurements of other relevant quantities, such as pressure, temperature and heat flux.

LEF works in close cooperation with the industry, notably in the oil and gas sector, besides being supported by government research-funding agencies.